Thursday, January 12, 2006


I've spent the week in Seattle with the WebJunction folks attending the Spanish Language Outreach workshop. We're here with folks from Rhode Island, Nevada, and California. And it's been amazing.

The group is a mixture of people who are Hispanic/Latino and not, who speak Spanish and don't, who are immigrants or not. We're from the east coast, the west coast, the midwest, and in between. What we share is an interest in reaching a community that's not being reached, and in assisting the libraries in our respective states to reach out and connect.

It's been interesting to watch the dynamic amongst the group, as we travel from a group who has just met and is a bit wary of each other to being a group that was hugging each other good-bye. It is an amazing group of people. It's a terrific program. It was an incredible experience.


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