Tuesday, January 03, 2006


It's the new year. Hard to get up this morning, after a long weekend of sleeping in. (Well, sleeping in as long as the dogs would let us, that is.) And the weather here in the Great North is almost unbearably dreary.

It's been three weeks of unseasonably warm weather. Sounds nice, until you realize that in this neck of the woods, warm in winter translates to thick cloud cover and melting snow. It's damp, it's dark, and it's growing increasingly muddy with every passing day.

Frankly, I'd prefer a brisk sub-zero day. One of those days just after a new snowfall, where the sun is so bright it almost hurts. The snow sparkles, the sun feels deliciously warm through the window, and the blue of the sky is brilliant.

Please....bring back the sun!


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