Monday, February 27, 2006

Education as Recreation

We watched two wonderful flicks this weekend, and attended a terrific series being sponsored by one of our regional libraries. It's lovely when a weekend can feel like it was entertaining and educational all at the same time.

The first flick was North Country, about women miners in Northern Minnesota. Terrific performance by the amazing Charlize Theron. Riveting.

The second flick was Rent. I absolutely loved it. And it make me yearn to be treading the baords again, actually performing a musical like this. The songs ran through my head all night long.

Sunday we visited the Lanesboro Public Library, for another in their series on World War I. Both DH and I are history buffs, and DSD came along for the ride. I think she enjoyed the afternoon as much as DH and I did.

Lanesboro is a lovely, picturesque hamlet in southeastern Minnesota, deep in a river valley. The Lanesboro Public Library was one of only 50 libraries in the country to have been chosen to host this series, and is by far the smallest library to be doing so. If you have a chance to attend one of these, by all means. The series continues through March.


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