Thursday, February 16, 2006


For as much as we occasionally deplore the muddle that the Internet and technology has brought to our lives, there are sites out there that are so wonderful that they redeem the whole thing.

I have an undergraduate degree in History. I love it, despite the plethora of droning, mind-numbing history teachers I suffered in school. (Ben Stein's economics teacher in Ferris Bueller's Day Off comes to mind.)

Just think if something like this was around when we were in school:

From the Allentown Art Museum in Pennsylvania comes the site The Renaissance Connection. As the folks at the Librarian's Internet Index state,
"This educational website for middle school students focuses on art and history of the Renaissance. It features activities that explore aspects of Renaissance art and scientific innovations, art patronage, and the life of an artist. Includes images, maps, a timeline, glossary, lesson plans, and related links."

I am a fan of this time period, and middle school audience or no, this site is seriously cool. It's this sort of marriage between technology and education that is so incredible. What a fabulous teaching tool! What a painless way to learn history!


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