Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Never let the box win

The above title is my Darling Husband's mantra. DH is a tech guy, and an IT Director with an interesting hatred (or so he says) of computers. His particular nemesis - the programs of a certain Mr. Gates. Which brings me to my issue today.

I have a co-worker who is trying to review a Publisher document which was e-mailed to him. Since I have the only computer in our organization with that program, he's trying to do so from my computer, which has given me a front row seat to the ensuing frustrations.

My version is Publisher 2000. Every time we try to access the document, my program says it can't open other versions of Publisher. We've asked the author to save the document in Pub 2000. No luck. Same message.

Now, I would imagine there would be some way to get this to work, but my main question is this: Why on earth would you not have two versions of the software YOUR COMPANY MANUFACTURES be able to talk to each other???!???? It's stuff like this that has DH declaring nasty stuff about Mr. Gates.


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