Friday, February 03, 2006

Fun and functional

I've had this site on my radar for some time now, but I got my first chance to play with it yesterday, and I'm hooked. The site is Library Thing, and it's an automated card catalog. With this, you can catalog your home collection. It's searchable by title, author, publication date, and by tags that you've entered. There's even a "card" that you can pull up with info on the book, including LC Subjects (coming soon, it says.) How cool is that?!?

I've started entering books, and I have a feeling I won't stop until I've got the whole collection (which is rather substantial) cataloged. I guess I'm officially a librarian, if I'm digging stuff like this.


Blogger Jonya said...

Becky is adding our Shire's books into this site. I think the collection is Silfren Mere and the username is silfrenmere...or ask Becky. It's her game /grin.

11:29 AM  

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