Monday, July 10, 2006


Many libraries were fortunate to receive computers from the Gates folks a few years ago. It has been enough time that many of those computers are being swapped out for newer models.

Unfortunately, the Gates computers had all kinds of swell games on them that will be lost when the new computers are installed. Or will they?

From the always helpful folks at WebJunction, a tutorial on how to copy children's games from a Windows NT Gates Library Computer to a new Windows XP computer and install them so they run from the hard drive.


Anonymous Josh said...

What if none of the original gates computers are being replaced with the staying connected grant, if additional computers are being added? Is it legal to copy this software to a number of computers > the number of gates computers originally granted.

8:14 AM  
Blogger Michael A. Golrick said...

When Gates firs started I was in one of the "last wave" of states. As a library director, I was really annoyed at the rules and restrictions. Even more so since the program administrator was the former state librarian. Now, in a new state, closer to you, I am still annoyed at the lack of sensitivity and planning by the Foundation. My municipality [MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT] has operationalized the three year FOUR YEAR] replacement schedule. When will the rest of the world catch up? [It is part of why I am glad I am where I am!!!]

9:16 PM  

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