Friday, June 02, 2006

Hot Spot

A recent article in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel lists area wi-fi spots and their various advantages. Most of them, not surprisingly, are coffee shops and cafes. However, I was delighted to find that the Milwaukee Public Library was prominently mentioned - and very favorably.

The Milwaukee Public Library's Central Library on W. Wisconsin Ave. has some of the fastest free Wi-Fi in town.

There are countless places to set up, including two-person tables at the Coffee With a Conscious Café on the first floor, scores of tables on the second floor and shaded tables outside in the garden area facing Wisconsin Ave., where the wireless signal is still strong.

One of the best spots is in the periodicals section on the second floor, offering some laptop stations and tables along the north wall with a great view of the courthouse and Milwaukee Public Museum. Power outlets are available but not abundant - many tables are in rows in the middle of the rooms.

If you don't feel like driving downtown, remember that all Milwaukee Public Library branches have free Wi-Fi. But please mute your laptop and try to type quietly - people are reading, after all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi MB,
Glad to see Milwaukee joined the 21st. century.

The Leek of Shame King

3:42 PM  

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