Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Wonderful post in Something New Every Day about librarians promoting ourselves as "Knowledge Provocateurs." One of the items that resounded with PK Christ - and with me - is the idea that librarians need to exert more influence on the Internet.

One small way to start exerting influence is for librarians to flood Answers with answers. I've answered a few questions, citing proper references (usually the Librarian's Index to the Internet) and have been chosen "Best Answer" an inordinate number of times. One person who chose mine as the best answer noted that "She's really helpful!"

Perhaps we should be reaching out to people where they are and impressing them with our knowledge and skills....and they just might find their way into a library for help!


Anonymous Phyllis said...

Glad you enjoyed the post. Michael Baldwin's article is one that my director gave to all the professional librarians to read. As I think more about it, and about your post, it seems that we are seeing a split in librarianship between those who are willing/anxious to move out of the traditional "at the desk" interaction with customers and those who are willing to go to the customers, in the stacks or on the web. Librarianship today is not for the meek and retiring. It is an exciting place to be for those who welcome change, learning, and growth.

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