Wednesday, May 17, 2006

TTWMN Day Three

Lovely day in Detroit Lakes. Absolutely beautiful library - one of those Carnegies that has been remodeled very, very well. There were these lovely friezes mounted on the wall. Michael found out they were discovered in the basement during the remodel, and were so pristine they were able to be used as models for the new part of the building.

After the presentation, we headed out on the road for Mt. Iron. Lovely, lovely scenery. Lots of lakes and trees and lakes and trees. And then, we saw Paul.
He's got Michael in his hand....

Yes, that's Paul Bunyan with Michael in the palm of his hand. Apparently, Minnesota is the Land of Enormous Statuary. We heard there was a huge turkey just outside Detroit Lakes, but we weren't able to visit since it wasn't on our route. Maybe next time.


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