Thursday, April 13, 2006


I don't normally jump into the political fray, but I'm going to put my two cents' worth in on this one.

I watch South Park sporadically. DH loves it. And the writers do have a rather refreshing way of lampooning everyone. Very equal-opportunity.

The episodes of the last two weeks have dealt with terrorist reprisals for media images of the Prophet Mohammed. The episode last night, when Mohammed was supposed to appear, had two black screens, explaining that Comedy Central had refused to show an image of Mohammed. I had initially assumed that those two screens were part of the original writing.

It now appears that Comedy Central did, in fact, censor the images. I'm appalled. Michelle Malkin explains the whole thing. As The Anchoress notes, "All in all, pretty funny in some places, dumb in others...the message was clear: either it'’s all fair game, or nothing is, and to appease is to concede valuable liberties. I concur."

So do I.


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