Friday, April 07, 2006

Attention? What attention?

From Lifehacker, a head's up on a wonderful article in C/Net. Dr. Edward Hallowell discusses ADT, or Attention Deficit Trait. It sounds like virtually everyone I know...
It may be the greatest irony of the information age.

All of that data flying at you by e-mail, instant message, cell phone, voice mail and BlackBerry--it could actually be making you dumber.

Dr. Edward Hallowell, a psychiatrist who's studied attention deficit disorder for more than a decade, has identified a related disorder he calls attention deficit trait, and he says it's reaching epidemic proportions in the corporate world. Unlike attention deficit disorder, or ADD, people aren't born with ADT. It's the result, he contends, of the modern workplace, where the constant and relentless chatter coming from our computers, phones and other high-tech devices is diluting our mental powers.

His solution? Take time off to think. Read the whole thing. It's definitely food for thought.


Anonymous Susan V. said...

I KNOW I suffer from this. I really, really need to have some screen-free time (no TV, no computer).

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Susan V. said...

I read the article and it's great, so I decide to email it using the "email this" link to the love of my life, light of my eyes. Didn't even think about the subject line: "Why can't you pay attention?" He thought he was about to get yelled at....

10:18 AM  

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