Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Cool new tools

Just discovered a site for downloading all sorts of programs for your I-Pod, from meditations to cardio workouts, from Pilates to Yoga, from relationships to entertainment. It's iAmplify, and I have a feeling I may be spending some time wandering through their selections.

Another site is Podfitness, which incorporates a "personal trainer" and I-Pod technology. You can select a musical style, whether your trainer is male or female, and the intent of your workout: weight loss, body shaping, running a marathon, building muscle, etc. The site isn't officially launched, and must have been in the gift packages for the folks at the Sundance film festival, since there's a link for Sundance '06 VIPs, but it looks intriguing. As of now, there's no information on how much this will cost. Might be worth keeping an eye on....


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