Thursday, June 15, 2006

Blogging class

We're here in Mt. Iron, talking all things blog. Eleven librarians are here, creating blogs! The new blogs are:

Sally - Mt. Iron Public Library
Linda - Grand Marais Public Library
Julie - Undecided 3 (she can't decide at the moment...she'll work on that.)
Dave - Not Prose Poetry (also temporary - though I like that name!)
Shelley - Iron Range Librarian
Pam - NCLC Notes
Roxanne - Mbook4teens
Sara - judysbaggystories
Sharon - mailabooksummerreadingprogram
Paula - Aurora Public Library Minnesota
Shari - ALS current events


Blogger Great Library said...

I liked your class but it was tooo easy to get sidetracked into info you shared. JBS - see above

11:42 AM  

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