Friday, March 10, 2006

Fight of the Century

I attended Catholic schools for most of my educational career. In grade school, we had the School Sisters of Notre Dame. In high school, it was the School Sisters of St. Francis. Grad school was the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Agnes.

I've never been a nun myself, though I remember wanting to be one in 5th grade - mainly because I thought the outfit was cool. They switched to short skirts and veils the next year, which took all the mystique out of it for me. The closest I came to being a nun was playing Sister Hubert in Nunsense for a number of years.

So, with that background, imagine how I felt about this story.

Nuns vs. Librarians?!!?

There are so many places I could go with that one, I'm rendered speechless by sheer smart-aleck overload.


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